Common carpet cleaning disasters let’s hope to never happen to us

The internet is a haven for do-it-yourself instructional blog articles and videos. A lot of tips, dubbed often as lifehacks, provide a lot of nifty household cleaning tips including carpet cleaning. But because some of them are not made by professionals, they may not work as intended. If you follow them without the necessary knowledge or expertise, you may find yourself in a carpet cleaning disaster.

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Carpet Cleaning Disasters You Need to Avoid

From damaged carpet fibres to reappearing carpet stains, it is important to do proper research when trying to clean your carpet yourself. To help you avoid carpet damage, we have compiled some of the most common carpet cleaning disasters that we hope won’t happen to you.

1. Damaged carpet fibres due to vigorous scrubbing.

Carpets, especially the more expensive ones, are made of delicate material. Vigorous scrubbing to remove stains from your carpet will actually drive the stain deeper and damage your carpet fibres. A strong scrubbing motion will twist and pull the fibres from the fabric, causing them to fray and ruining your carpet. When cleaning a stain, use a blotting motion with a white paper or cloth towel.

2.  Stubborn or reappearing carpet stain.

Accidents happen and your carpet will be stained with a variety of things. If you wait for too long to remove it, it will be significantly tougher to eliminate. The spill will permeate deep into the carpet fibres and underpad that may even cause it to reappear. Stuck residue can become sticky and attract dirt and other particles

3. Too much carpet deodoriser.

Carpet deodorisers are the best DIY solution to counteracting unpleasant smells caused by food spills, pet mess and other accidents. First time DIY carpet cleaners may make the mistake of putting too much carpet deodoriser, especially the powder version. Too much deodorising powder may cause a buildup of gunk and is impossible to vacuum fully.

4. Damaged carpet by using untested cleaning solution.

First time DIY carpet cleaners need to be wary about the cleaning solution they use. If you use the incorrect cleaning solution on your carpet, it can lead to discoloration and even permanent damage to your carpet. Always use a patch of your carpet to test how the solution will react. Always read the fine print on the label of your cleaning solution.

5. Never having your carpet professionally cleaned.

Professional ChemDry Carpet Cleaners

Having a routine carpet cleaning schedule is important to maintain your carpet. It is admirable to do the carpet cleaning yourself but nothing beats a professionally cleaned carpet. Carpet manufacturers recommend that you get your carpet cleaned by experts at least twice a year. Not doing so is a recipe for a carpet cleaning disaster. (READ: 3 Reasons Why Yearly Carpet Cleaning is Important)

Avoid these carpet cleaning mistakes. To learn more about DIY carpet cleaning methods and the benefits of professional carpet cleaning, get the best Sydney carpet cleaning team on deck. Call our ChemDry Rapid Dry carpet cleaning Sydney experts on 1800 757 883 and request a quote today.