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Chem-Dry Rapid Dry | Carpet Cleaning Sydney

Say goodbye to the junk drawer forever!

It’s the dreaded junk drawer.…. A drawer where we put things that do not (apparently) go anywhere else. A drawer where things can be dumped if that friend unexpectedly knocks on the door for a cup of tea. A drawer that looks like it serves no purpose. Contents of a junk drawer A junk drawer…

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Here’s Why I Only Trust Chem-Dry Rapid Dry

Choosing a Sydney carpet cleaning company requires a lot of time for research. The company with the cheapest prices is also not necessarily the best option. Your carpets are some of the biggest investments that you can have in your home, so you need to hire the right company to do the best carpet cleaning…

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3 Reasons Why Carpet Cleaning Yearly Is So Important

Carpets are a great addition to any home or office. The softness and warmth they provide make anyone who walks on them feel welcome. To maintain their appearance and increase their longevity, you need to invest time and effort for regular carpet cleaning. But not everyone has the time to fit carpet cleaning in their…

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5 Carpet Cleaning Secrets Every Clean Freak Needs To Know

No matter how careful you are at maintaining your carpet, accidents will happen. Food will drop, drinks will spill and your kids and pets will make a mess on your carpets. If you are a clean freak like the rest of us, you would want to increase the longevity of your carpet’s life through proper…

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Common carpet cleaning disasters let’s hope to never happen to us

The internet is a haven for do-it-yourself instructional blog articles and videos. A lot of tips, dubbed often as lifehacks, provide a lot of nifty household cleaning tips including carpet cleaning. But because some of them are not made by professionals, they may not work as intended. If you follow them without the necessary knowledge…

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