Say goodbye to the junk drawer forever!

It’s the dreaded junk drawer.….

A drawer where we put things that do not (apparently) go anywhere else.

A drawer where things can be dumped if that friend unexpectedly knocks on the door for a cup of tea.

A drawer that looks like it serves no purpose.

Contents of a junk drawer

A junk drawer can contain basically everything and anything that comes into the house! This drawer magically fills with receipts, pens, paperclips, school or work papers, or letters from the mail.

Preparation is important

Before you start, make sure you have set aside plenty of time. There is nothing worse than starting your decluttering cleaning process and then rush out the door to go to work, leaving the mess behind. Decluttering takes time and needs focus and having the right state of mind is important.

Getting started on the junk drawer

Empty the entire contents of the drawer onto the table. Then clean or wipe down the drawer so it’s ready to start packing again.

The next step is the sorting process. Think about what you want this drawer to do? What is its purpose? The answer is not to dump ‘stuff’ that does not have a home. Everything has a place.

It’s time to be ruthless

Start by throwing away any random bits of rubbish, like old receipts. Then have a look at the remaining pieces on the table. The next question to ask is; do any of these things have a place in other parts of the house? Move these items into the right areas of the home.

Again, look at what you have left on the table. Can you see a pattern emerging here? You might find that a lot of the contents of the drawer have disappeared. However for the remaining things on the table, let’s sort through these.

You now know that these pieces are not rubbish, nor do they belong in other parts of the home. Before putting everything back into the drawer, segment the drawer into sections. You can do this by using containers or dividers that can be purchased from your local hardware store. The purpose of separating each item group is to ensure that each item has its own home.

Maintaining is vital

When opening the drawer the next time, you will automatically place the item in its right area in the drawer. Visually the items can also be seen easily and therefore can be found straight away. Keeping up with putting things in the right place will help long term, however a little refresher clean will be required from time to time.

Sounds simple! We’d love to know how you go.

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