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The team at Chem-Dry Rapid Dry have been carpet cleaning Sydney for over 20 years. We have an attention to detail that will leave your carpets looking fresh and new, and your home looking better than ever.

Whether you want carpets looking sparkling clean, stubborn stains removed, or would like an anti-allergen treatment for your home, our Chem-Dry trained & certified Sydney carpet cleaners will get the job done right.

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Chemdry Carpet Cleaning Sydney Wide

Wherever you are located, we have Sydney carpet cleaners ready to provide our fantastic service. Your family will love how your carpets look better than you’ve ever seen them, making your home fresh, healthy, and safer than before.

Areas we service include (but are not limited to):

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

All of our jobs are completely covered by our satisfaction guarantee. You can feel confident that you will get great value for your money, a completely professional service, and healthy, clean carpets after every single service.

Why Choose Us?


With well over 20 years of experience carpet cleaning Sydney and surroundings, our professionally trained and certified staff will always ensure:

  • Your carpets will be cleaner & healthier than before
  • Tough stains will be completely removed
  • You will speak to a trained & professional carpet cleaning expert
  • All of our work is covered by our guarantee
  • Honest prices, up-front quotes - no hidden costs
  • You will receive a prompt & professional service

The Chem-Dry Difference

We're the highest rated service for carpet cleaning Sydney has to offer, and there’s a reason. We have state-of-the-art carpet cleaning equipment, and our industry-expert technicians are trained in a carpet cleaning process that can successfully lift off years of grime and dirt, and offer your carpets years of future protection. Let us transform your carpets from shabby to looking brand new in under a day, and see the difference it makes in brightening up your home.

Chem-Dry is not only the top carpet cleaning Sydney provider, but also a provider of other valuable home and office cleaning services. Our very popular anti-allergen treatment is a great addition to any household and helps remove harmful allergens and pollutants from your home that can greatly irritate asthma and other health conditions. The best part of all? This treatment takes no extra time, since we mix it into our regular cleaning formula. Chem-Dry also offers excellent upholstery and leather cleaning for your home or auto furniture that probably hasn’t been cleaned since you bought it. Our trained technicians can expertly maneuver your sofas, armchairs, chaises, and seat covers to remove dust, dirt, and pet hair that has built up over the years, and even provide steam cleaning for your mattress.

Accidents happen. Whether your taps overflow or rain leaks into your house, Chem-Dry has the best carpet cleaning Sydney can offer. We offer effective and fast flood damage restoration within hours to help return your home to its pristine conditions and remove any chance of mould growth or structural damage.

For businesses and homes, Chem-Dry is the top carpet cleaning Sydney provider for 2017. Email or phone us your request for a no obligation quote, and experience the Chem-Dry difference today.

Your carpets, whether in your home, office or working space are a significant feature of the environment that you have created, and probably represent a considerable investment too. Over a period of time however, if left uncleaned, the appearance of your carpet will change. The changes on a day to day, or week to week basis may be imperceptible, but colours will fade and you may also notice unpleasant odours too, and these symptoms of a dirty carpet need more than standard hoovering to rectify.

At Chem-Dry Rapid Dry a home carpet cleaning service in Sydney, we have a team of highly experienced and dedicated specialist carpet cleaners who can bring your tired carpet back to virtually new condition, removing grained in dirt and dust and other detritus laying within the pile of your carpet. Improving the visual aesthetics of your carpet, restoring colours to their vibrant best is the obvious benefit, but alongside that, the removal of unwanted material in your carpet can have a positive impact on your health reducing the likelihood of allergic reactions and breathing difficulties associated with household dust in carpets. And if you have stubborn stains or accidents involving your pets our carpet cleaning technicians will ensure your satisfaction with their work before they leave.

Furthermore, our process will leave your carpet virtually dry, allowing you to use it normally in just a few hours, causing minimum impact on your daily life or business.

For all of your carpet cleaning needs in Sydney, call Chem-Dry Rapid Dry for a professional no fuss service.

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